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We Promise To...


Tread lightly

We are committed to putting sustainable development at the heart of our business strategy and will endeavour to optimise all production and operations to reduce the impact we have on people and the planet.


Perfect our product

We believe that if something has been made with passion, if it has integrity, if it hasn’t caused harm to people or the planet, then it is more beautiful, more valuable and ultimately, less disposable. We only make products that we truly believe in - if it’s not perfect, it doesn’t get made.


Replace plastic 

We are working to replace all plastic (not just single use) with earth friendly materials wherever possible, so we can ultimately eliminate the use of plastic across the business. Where a plastic free solution isn’t yet available, we promise to do our homework so we can make informed decisions that take into account the impact of the plastics we are using.


Champion natural fibres

We will continue to champion the use of natural fibres in our products, so ultimately they will return to the earth. We are proud our products are composed of over 99% natural fibres (and we’re actively working on that 1%).

Support heritage industries

In using natural fibres, we are proud to support two rural heritage industries: sericulture (silk) and nomadic herding (cashmere). We are committed to learning all we can about these industries and the sustainability issues associated with them so that, together with our partners, we can minimise our impact on the planet whilst supporting the heritage and welfare of rural communities.


Play as a team

We are committed to working collaboratively with all partners in our supply chain to encourage, support and empower them to make positive changes to their business practices.


Put impact first

We believe that actions speak louder than words and so our sustainability program prioritises positive impact over awards and accolades.

Be non-committal

As a company we have always been anti-targets: we do our best because we want to - not because we have to - and we don’t believe in capping success. We will not offer up target dates for any of our sustainability initiatives because we believe everything is urgent and nothing should be put on the back-burner.


Be transparent

We’re committed to transparency and want to give you as much information about our products and processes as possible, so you can make informed decisions as a consumer. If you can’t find an answer to your question on our website, please get in touch - we would love to hear from you.


Aim for perfection, but celebrate progress

We believe sustainability is about making better choices and should be treated as a mindset - not as something that can be ‘completed’ or ticked off our list. We are excited about the continuous change happening in our industry and are committed to pursuing progress. We’re not perfect yet, but we won’t let that stop us…

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