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Experience the opulent indulgence of Olivia von Halle. To ensure your garments’ lasting beauty and durability, here are some essential tips to care for and maintain your beloved loungewear.

Please always refer to the care information provided on the product page as it is specifically tailored to the product you are buying.


Silk is moisture wicking and naturally anti-microbial, which means you don't have to wash it as often as you'd wash other fabrics such as synthetics. We're not suggesting you stop washing your silk pieces altogether, but you probably don't need to wash them as much as you think you do. Try spot cleaning them where needed and then airing them - silk is a beautifully breathable, natural fibre and so managing your pieces in this way will prolong the time you can go between washes. Of course, it's also much better for the planet!

We recommend always hand washing your OvH in cool water - this will preserve the life of the garment and the saturation of its colour. Always use a specialist silk detergent.


We don't recommend you wash your OvH this way, but if you trust your washing machine and usually wash your delicates in it, these are our tips.

It is very important that you use a specialist silk detergent. Non-specialist detergents often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the colour and finish of silk and cashmere garments.

Please choose a gentle 'hand wash' cycle and set the temperature to cold. Never wash delicate fabrics over 30°Celsius. The cooler the water the longer the silk will last and the better it will feel coming out of the machine. Avoid using any stain removers.

*This does not apply to dry-clean only items. Always check your care label before washing.


Hang your silks to air dry and never put any of your OvH in the tumble dryer.

Iron or steam your OvH to restore lustre and sheen to the silk. Use your iron's delicate or lowest heat setting.

Iron on the reverse side of your garment. If you need to iron directly on the front, place a cotton cloth over the area to protect the silk.


Moths love cashmere - here's how to protect your SilkCash and PureCash.

Never put your cashmere away dirty - moths eat microscopic particles of skin on clothes. Keep worn but clean items on a separate chair in your room and wash after every three to four wears.

Always store your SilkCash flat and folded, do not hang. If hung it will stretch and lose its shape over time. PureCash however, may be hung.

Use an electric fabric shaver to reinvigorate your cashmere pieces and remove any pilling that occurs over time. Avoid using traditional cashmere combs, as these are too harsh on our fabric.


Our embroidered, embellished, velvet and fringed pieces require dry cleaning only due to the delicate nature of these pieces.

We do not recommend ironing these pieces. If necessary, carefully steam them with a handheld steamer to avoid any pulls or damage to the embroidery.


We are committed to optimising our product life cycle. Here are some tips for caring for your OvH…

You probably don't need to wash your clothes as much as you think you do - the natural fibers in silk have excellent properties that will prolong the time you can wear it without washing - silk is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. Spot clean and hand wash to limit water consumption.

Air dry your OvH, never tumble dry.

Use an environmentally friendly dry cleaner.



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