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Products made with passion and integrity

Olivia von Halle was launched with just one style that was so meticulously considered that it remains our best-seller to this day. This ethos still informs all our design and product development, and the attention to detail lavished on our product is what makes it recognisably OvH.

We are proud that we make products that can be loved and treasured for a lifetime, but we also recognise the importance of accounting for 'what happens next’. In addition to fully understanding where our materials come from, we want to create products that can be recycled and then ultimately biodegrade to ‘leave no trace’.






Going the extra mile

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and go the extra mile to make the product extraordinary. This value underpins all our choices in both design and production - it’s what makes our pieces recognisably Olivia von Halle and is the reason we choose mother of pearl for our buttons and real pearl embellishments over plastic ones. We are proud to work with heritage industries in which crafts have been honed over generations. Our silk is made to order in China, where sericulture has been practiced since 2700 BC, and our embroideries are crafted by hand - or occasionally, using a hand guided ‘Irish’ Singer sewing machine - in England.






Natural materials that return to the earth

We specialise in a small number of fabrics, which affords us greater control over where they are coming from and how they are made. 100% of our products contain silk, an ancient, natural fibre. We also work with cashmere.

We favour natural materials for their unrivalled beauty and superior qualities. Both silk and cashmere are hygroscopic, meaning they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Our fabrics and the majority of our trims are 100% plastic free. We only use synthetics when a natural alternative is not available - for example, in our elasticated waistbands. At the end of their life-cycle both silk and cashmere, as natural materials, are totally biodegradable and will return to the earth.





Wearable works of art

Print is an integral part of our brand - all our prints are dreamt up using original inspiration from the library or print archives.

We print and dye to order to limit wastage. Any fabric that is leftover is stored for future use, we never throw fabric away.

We use traditional screen-printing methods to print all our garments. This is a heritage craft, affording the vivid and intense saturation of colour for which our brand is celebrated. It is the eye-catching effect of mis-registration that imbues every individual piece with distinct character. Not only does this sustain the centuries-old practice, but our unique screen-printing methods also create products that are designed to last, despite the process being more time-consuming or less sustainable than fast digital printing.






Kinder chemicals

We are committed to establishing responsible chemical use throughout our supply chain. The chemicals used in all our printing and manufacture processes are fully compliant with REACH, a legal safety standard based on European legislation.

Our silk adheres to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, a voluntary standard that goes beyond REACH to provide the consumer with assurance of high product safety.

In addition to regularly auditing our print factory, Olivia von Halle has partnered with Intertek to guarantee we are adhering to world-class standards in chemical testing and analysis requirements. Intertek carries out entirely independent chemical testing annually and assists Olivia von Halle in compliance with regulatory and safety requirements.




Optimising our product life cycle

The way clothes are cared for directly impacts their longevity. We are committed to providing our customers with all the support and information they need to extend the life of their OvH in our dedicated Care Guide. Discover how best to care for your Olivia von Halle garment here.

Discover how best to care for your Olivia von Halle garment here.









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