Susannah Garrod's Dream Diaries
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Susannah Garrod's Dream Diaries

Susannah Garrod’s dreamscape of gestural prints and illustrations are the perfect partner for the world of Olivia von Halle. We immerse our followers further into Susannah’s world and her collaboration with OvH by inviting her to partake in our Dream Diaries series.


The artist/illustrator delights in subtly-evoked line drawings to suggest a vivid world of luxury and fashionable figures; Susanna’s illustrations have been featured by the Royal Academy, Papier, and at Royal Ascot as emblems of her uniquely whimsical vision.



Where does your process begin? What is the source of inspiration when you set out on your next creative task?

Much of my process begins with a tiny seed of an idea or a found image that I ruminate on and when I start dreaming about it, I know it's time to put down those feelings on paper, working from memory, giving my work fluidity; helping to conjure up that 'dreamlike' quality in my use of line.

How does the world of Olivia von Halle make you feel? What sort of feeling did you wish to conjure with your illustrations here?

The world of Olivia von Halle appeals so much to my whimsy nature and search for magic in the 'everyday' - I feel very at ease in this world, so working on illustrations that also felt at home in both our worlds was a natural and enjoyable process. Dreamy drawings with a sense of humour - what's not to love?!





What is your take on down-dressing? How do you like to stay refined in your downtime?

With my day job being in the studio and often covered in paint - For me, my down-dressing is often the most dressed up I have been all day! I'm lucky enough to own a few OvH pieces ... so, putting on a silky pyjama top with jeans in the evening makes me feel I've stepped away from my work with the added bonus of being half ready for bed - ha!

What was most striking to you about these pieces and this collection?

These pieces to me epitomise the Olivia von Halle aesthetic of decadence and luxury that you can wear everyday ... and should!



Otherworldly stories, by us for you



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