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OvH X Grace Pilkington

For Spring / Summer 2019 Olivia von Halle drew inspiration from the most iconic heroines of Hollywood (see Baby Mama, Death Proof, True Romance and Thelma & Louise) to present a collection that celebrates the complexities of women. Building on this theme, the brand commissioned Grace Pilkington, feminist poet and friend of the brand, to write a piece to support their latest campaign, The Vengeance Valley Collection.



I know what you expected, You expected passivity,
That you could flip me horizontally,
That you could puppeteer me to your fantasy,
That I’d lie down, be tied down,
That I’d be silenced, speaking only when you say,
You thought I’d enjoy doing things your way,
or at least that I’d comply,
you never imagined the power in one letter ‘I’
You thought it could be manipulated,
patronised, frustrated,
But your control is an illusion,
and within ‘I’ there is a fusion of all the rage of womankind,
And it cannot be restrained,
it cannot be contained it cannot be explained,
It is beyond comprehension,
Born from centuries of tension,
and nurtured by frustration,
So do not come here with expectations.
I am not a belonging or a commodity
There is no ‘you’ in ‘I’ or in ‘me’.
I am a woman
I am a woman.
I am not something you will ever know,
and this land is fertile with our fury so sit back and watch it grow.



For more information on Grace, visit
Discover the Vengeance Valley campaign now.

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