Anna Vitiello's Dream Diaries
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Anna Vitiello's Dream Diaries

OvH speaks to Creative Director Anna Vitiello for an exclusive talk, as we discuss down-dressing, silk, and creating her own vision of decadence.


We would love your tips and thoughts on staying luxe while on-the-go—whether it’s in transit, remote working, or simply jet setting for that late summer escape?


Coordination is key for me. I never pack in looks - I like to leave some aspects up to my mood on the day - but by packing tonally, for example, you’re always going to be able to pull something together that feels polished. I’ll always make sure I have pieces that work together - like this beautiful silk dress with the matching scarf - so that even if I have no time to put make up on or time to think, I know I can grab those pieces and still feel put together.


How does silk make you feel?

Elegant. There’s something about the way it sits on the body that makes you feel unfailingly poised - or that’s true for me, at least. It’s quite incredible how a fabric can transform how you feel.



What is your take on down-dressing? How do you like to keep inspired with your choices but enjoy being comfortable at the same time?

I’m not really one for dressing down, but I’m also one for being as comfortable as possible, so it’s actually an easy win for me. I’ll choose pieces that look like you’ve made an effort but actually require minimal effort, like a silk shirt and leggings combo, for example. My secret, though, is that no matter what I’m wearing, I throw on a statement earring or pair of sunglasses, which makes dressing down feel that little bit more true to my own style.



What was most striking to you about these pieces?

Two things: the incredible fabric - I’ve never known something to feel so pleasingly weighty but look beautifully light - and the attention to detail, from the chain strap to the graphic prints. It all just feels so chic and fun in equal measure, which is perfect for me as I never like to take dressing myself too seriously.




The Carmel is a new, sophisticated iteration on our classic luxury cashmere tracksuit–why did this speak to you?
It’s not everyday I find a tracksuit I feel will suit me, but the wide leg silhouette and the elegant colours drew me to this set. It fits perfectly into my ethos of polished-but-relaxed dressing - and, yes, I will be throwing an earring on with this, too!


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